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HOW TO: Book Dollar / Mile Reservations

This guide will show you how book a round trip flight using both dollars and HawaiianMiles.

Step 1 - HawaiianAir.com

Go to www.hawaiianairlines.com and click "Sign In" under HawaiianMiles in the upper right corner.


Step 2 - Login to HawaiianMiles

The member purchasing the reservation must sign into their HawaiianMiles account.


Step 3 - Click Book An E-Award Now

Once logged in, click on "Book An E-Award" in the upper right corner, under the HawaiianMiles logo.


Step 4 - Complete the "Find Flights" Menu

Enter your desired dates and cities of travel.


Step 5 - Select Flights Using Dollars or Miles

This is where you can select your choice of using HawaiianMiles or pay for the flight using dollars.

There are three (3) ways to view fares:

  1. Dollars
    • View cost of fares if purchasing using dollars.
  2. Miles
    • View cost of fares if redeeming HawaiianMiles
  3. Month
    • The month view is the easiest way to search for Hawaiian Airlines lowest available fare over an entire month.
    • Selectable by Dollars or Miles.


Month View:


Step 6 - Confirm E-Awards Summary

This screen confirms how many HawaiianMiles will be deducted after this purchase.
Note: This screen does not display the cost of a purchase ticket.  If your HawaiianMiles account does not contain enough miles, it will display the cost to purchase a few more additional miles.


Follow On-Screen Instructions

This screen will show your Itinerary & Cost Summary (HawaiianMiles & US Dollars). 
From here you will fill in the passenger data and follow on screen instructions to complete the booking.


The more you fly, the more you save!

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