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HawaiianMiles - Purchase Miles

Need a few more miles for your dream trip? There’s no need to wait. You can buy the extra HawaiianMiles you need, any time.

Purchase HawaiianMiles Online

Did you know you can buy miles for yourself? Purchase HawaiianMiles online we’ll post your miles to your account and email you a confirmation.  Log into your HawaiianMiles account and purchase miles today!

To Purchase Miles

Members can visit HawaiianAirlines.com/HawaiianMiles, log in and click on the "Purchase Miles" link.

Having trouble purchasing miles? Click here to learn How-To Purchase HawaiianMiles.

Just a couple of notes: Corporate and business accounts cannot purchase miles. And there may be a limit on the maximum miles available for online purchase, and this mileage cap is subject to change at any time.

To Gift Miles

Members can visit HawaiianAirlines.com/HawaiianMiles, log in and click on the "Purchase Miles" link, then select the "Gift" option.

HawaiianMiles members that choose to purchase miles for another member as a gift during purchase miles promotions will receive the bonus miles while the other member will receive only the miles purchased.

Purchase by Phone

Placing a phone order? You can purchase as many increments of 500 HawaiianMiles as you’d like, as long as the recipient has a HawaiianMiles account.

To purchase HawaiianMiles by phone, please contact the HawaiianMiles Service Center.

HawaiianMiles Pricing

You can buy HawaiianMiles in increments of 500.

Here’s a table that will help you quickly find out how much it will cost to purchase your desired amount of HawaiianMiles.

Miles Cost Miles Cost
500 $14.78 8,000 $236.50
1,000 $29.56 8,500 $251.28
1,500 $44.34 9,000 $266.06
2,000 $59.13 9,500 $280.84
2,500 $73.91 10,000 $295.63
3,000 $88.69 10,500 $310.41
3,500 $103.47 11,000 $325.19
4,000 $118.25 11,500 $339.97
4,500 $133.03 12,000 $354.75
5,000 $147.81 12,500 $369.53
5,500 $162.59 13,000 $384.31
6,000 $177.38 13,500 $399.09
6,500 $192.16 14,000 $413.88
7,000 $206.94 14,500 $428.66
7,500 $221.72 15,000 $443.44

HawaiianMiles may only be purchased online at HawaiianAirlines.com or via the
HawaiianMiles Service Center. Purchases made through a third party are a violation of the Terms and Conditions, and may be grounds to cancel a membership. Travel credits may not be used towards the purchase of HawaiianMiles.

Would you like to learn more about doubling or tripling your miles? See our Miles Maximizer FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have enough miles to complete my purchase?

Not to worry. If this is the case, you can purchase miles while booking a ticket using your HawaiianMiles.

Can I buy miles if I’m not making a reservation?

Of course. Just log into your HawaiianMiles account and click on the “Purchase Miles” link.

Is there a way to gift miles to family and friends?

We want you to make family and friends happy! Go ahead-log in to your account, click on "Purchase Miles" and select the Gift option.

How long does it take for the miles I buy to post to my account?

The blink of an eye.

Are purchase miles refundable?

No, these miles are non-refundable.

Can I combine my purchased miles with miles earned from my Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard account?

Yes, you can.

If I pay for miles with my Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard, do I still earn my one mile per dollar on my MasterCard?

Of course.

HawaiianMiles Terms & Conditions

Click here to visit our HawaiianMiles Terms & Conditions.

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